A glimpse of Spring

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Photohunting

Sitting at the park one gloomy afternoon….

  1. Definitely, I love bicycles so I like that very first photo in this post so much!
    And so to let you know I’m dropping by here in your new blog…

    And before I may end up this comment, my unsolicited advice to you is please don’t stop blogging. You may be gone into hiatus for awhile but you shouldn’t stop it at all. I also have my case of not updating my blog for quite a time because of loads of work and household chores but definitely I’m not giving up. I’m planning to continue posting my adventures in North Cotabato in my blog and I may let you know when I start posting again…

    Kind regards!

  2. Nona says:

    Hi Dong, oo nga I realized I still want to blog. There were times lang na medyo matagal ang update but okay…siguro nga nasa sistema ko na rin ang blogging.
    Thanks for dropping.

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