Okay, a new blog

Posted: November 6, 2010 in TOTD

Hello, this is my new blog. I am not excited to announce it because my blogsite of four years sucks big time! I couldn’t figure how did it happen. I just uploaded a new theme and when I used it , tadaaa…it’s GONE with the wind! I am not an expert so I don’t know how to fix it.

Sigh..I thought it was a sign that I should stop blogging and forget the whole thing. But after a couple of weeks, hinahanap hanap ko siya. I realized it’s hard to let go the things that I used to do for the past five years. Yes fellas, five years since my now defunct blogspot site until Ghee adopted me at akoni.

I don’t want to disturb her since I know she also wanted to stay away from blogging for a while.  So I’ll just wait when she comes back. For now,  I would be updating here and let this bloggie world know I am still ALIVE.

By the way, just came back from a frequent hair salon. I have had my hair colored with dark ash blonde. It’s kind of reddish in the pic but it was just the effect of light from portable heater. 

Those who want to link-ex just leave your footprints and I’ll follow. Thanks.

There you go, see you then. XO

  1. monica says:

    hi ate nona, got our comment. already updated your link to your new one, if ok na yung akoni mo will just add it again on my list.
    nice hair color, bagay sayo… 🙂

  2. Nona says:

    Thank you Monic. 🙂

  3. maiylah says:

    hi nona
    hope you still remember me (from lifesnippets, kaso wala na un…don’t use it anymore)…not sure kung makaka.visit ka sa blogger, pero un nalang ung blog ko. 🙂

    love the hair color!
    happy new year!

    • Nona says:

      Hi Maiylah, of course my dear…kumusta na? Kaya pala binisbisita ko at iba na ang site na lumalabas. Thanks for dropping by, glad to hear na nagba-blog ka pa rin. I’ll will visit your blogger site 🙂

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