Thank you Almighty Father…

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Earthquake, Friend, thoughts, Tsunami

The world was shocked and saddened by the news about what happened to Japan. It was the most terrifying catastrophe  I have ever seen in my entire life. The news says that it was 8,000 times stronger than the one that devastated Christchurch, New Zealand last month.  As we all knew, a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan at 2:46 pm on March 11, 2011. Then followed by a violent 7 meters high tsunami that slammed into northeastern part of Japan and the hardest hit city was  Sendai.

I was stunned because as far as I could remember my good friend Ghee, is living in Sendai. Her facebook account was flooded with  messages and concern about her safety on that very day itself  and after three days of silence. It was only last night when a certain Mylin posted in her wall that Ghee and her family is staying with her and that they are safe. The words was a bit crumble and I sensed that she is a Japanese but it doesn’t matter at all, the message is clear…my friend is safe. What a relief! I was so happy and even thanked Mylin for relaying the good news. I cried but it was a tears of joy. Thank you Lord , prayer is powerful. 

Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand

Double thanks because my cousin and her family were able to survive the calamity in Christchurch, despite of major damaged in their home. God is good.
Nevertheless, my prayer does not stop there; let us continue to pray for everyone’s safety, for all the people in Japan, for our country Philippines and for the world. God bless us all.


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