Moving on…(A late post)

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

I feel much better now after I learned that our friends and loveones are safe in Japan so I think it is time to move on but I still kept  on praying that Japan  could go back to its normal life again soon .

Tartsky and I planned to dine at Steamboat restaurant yesterday but he changed his mind at the last minute because he wanted to eat steak at Holiday hotel and scheduled the steamboat tomorrow. So off we go…

Our starter…oxtail soup (for him) and a veggie salad  (for her and him 🙂 

Tartsky’s steak…they have the best steak in house, tender…tasty and moist. He doesn’t like the french fries…ang dami pa naman argh!

I don’t eat meat so got myself a salmon steak…goodness!

Our desert…banana and almond crepe with chocolate. Yumminess! I almost forgot what I said…I would cut down on sweets hehe…okay, next time! 🙂

Headed home and finalized my packing…yes, I am going home on Saturday.  It’s just a one week leave, need to settle some important matter in Manila. See you…

  1. ate Nona.. nagutom ako sa post mo.. i do hope japan will recover soon. but they showed amazing character amidst the crisis.

    this is tina of 😉

  2. Nona says:

    Yes Tina I heard and read alot about how Japan treats each other with compassion in the middle of calamity. Sana ganyan din sa PH ano? Nakakatouched. I salute Japanese!

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