Moving at Sea dreamscape

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Photography, TOTD

The day after I arrived from my trip in PH, tartsky and I moved to our new place. It was a looong and tiring day. I never realize how much things we have until we got it packed. Some of which are stuffs we’re not using anymore. I did a garage sale when I was in Manila and earned some moolahs. Dito sino pagbebentahan namin? Mga intsik? If we will bring them home, we would pay more on excess baggage at baka kahit ibenta ko pa doon lugi pa ako sa mahal ng excess per kilo. Not a good idea kaya ayun we gave them to the subdivision cleaner, at least nakatulong ng kaunti at haping hapi naman siya. Our stuff are mostly in good condition pa ha.

Oh well…a note to myself: “Stop shopping!”

Tartsky echoed: “STOP Shopping!!”

In my mind: “I’ll try, baka lagnatin ako har har!”

I fell in love the moment I step inside  Hai Mung Yuan subdivision (Sea dream scape in english translation).  Malinis at tahimik. The view of the manmade landscape is refreshing, nakakagaan ng feeling. Importante sa akin ang vicinity ng place before I’ll consider a place to move in. 

This time we wanted a smaller unit only, our previous apartment is too big for us. A two-storey apartment with four rooms. Wala akong dakilang “Chona” dito kaya mahirap maglinis huh.  Saka wala siyang elevator as what I have mention from my previous post in my other blog.

Ok, no more Jurassic building ‘dong, we are moving!

After checking at least five units, we finally made our choice.   A cute and cozy two room apartment, with  a good view from our window and siyempre this time with elevator na, perfecto! (Pics inside to follow on my next entry)

Yes, we are right there 🙂 I am inviting you for an open house. See yah!


Okay, a new blog

Posted: November 6, 2010 in TOTD

Hello, this is my new blog. I am not excited to announce it because my blogsite of four years sucks big time! I couldn’t figure how did it happen. I just uploaded a new theme and when I used it , tadaaa…it’s GONE with the wind! I am not an expert so I don’t know how to fix it.

Sigh..I thought it was a sign that I should stop blogging and forget the whole thing. But after a couple of weeks, hinahanap hanap ko siya. I realized it’s hard to let go the things that I used to do for the past five years. Yes fellas, five years since my now defunct blogspot site until Ghee adopted me at akoni.

I don’t want to disturb her since I know she also wanted to stay away from blogging for a while.  So I’ll just wait when she comes back. For now,  I would be updating here and let this bloggie world know I am still ALIVE.

By the way, just came back from a frequent hair salon. I have had my hair colored with dark ash blonde. It’s kind of reddish in the pic but it was just the effect of light from portable heater. 

Those who want to link-ex just leave your footprints and I’ll follow. Thanks.

There you go, see you then. XO

Fountain of youth in a bottle

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Skin care
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I knew Celeteque skin care even before but I never have tried using the product.  I know I’m kinda late on my reaction about the launched  of the celeteque advance Anti-wrinkle facial  moisturizer last 2009 in PH when women of all ages were talking about how it reduced and diminished their fine lines and smoothens their face in six weeks, hmm tagal naman ng effect.  I will try it myself  if it really work. I’ll let you know guys. I’d  took my close up picture without make up to see the difference after.  Good luck to me.

A glimpse of Spring

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Photohunting

Sitting at the park one gloomy afternoon….

thoughts of the day (TOTD)-sample post

Posted: October 25, 2010 in TOTD

Beauty is the first present nature gives to women and the first it takes away. This qoute by George B. Mtrt just came across my mind while I was reading an online article about beauty.  What makes a woman beautiful, and how to achieve the beauty you wish for. 

It’s a common knowledge now a days that not only celebrities undergoes boob job. Ordinary women in their twenties goes under the knife to the beauty they wanted to achieve.  Anyhoo…everyone has its own definition of beauty.  As Oscar Wilde’s famous  words…beauty is a form of genius. 

My post has nothing to do with all the knives, surgeries and others.  I wanted to just express how happy and satisfied I am being a woman. I love beautiful things, make- ups and I drool over gorgeous dresses, shoes and bags.  Like any other girls…shopping is my theraphy. 

Blah blah! Did I make sense?