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I realized I haven’t watch a single movie for the past five months.  Weekend was a little gloomy as we’ve been hit by spring snow, I called it spring snow since the spring season was officially celebrated last feb. 4 as spring festival together with the lunar new year.  In fact, I already scheduled the last weekend as my ME time, I wanted to go shop at Renminsanzhang…oh, never mind the pinyin writing , I can only say the word but I don’t know exactly how it spelled.

Instead I’ve just watched the movie As far as my feet will carry me in my macbook,  it was a true-to-life story of a man full of courage and determination to be with his family. Not starred by a popular actors but I’ll give my two thumbs up! I even shed a tears and it’s now listed as one of my favorites.  I’m not a fan of  fantasy movies, not that I don’t watch…it’s just that  I’m more on reality…that’s it.